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Jackie's Dog Nutrition

Posted: April 2019

When Your Pet  Has Bad Breath

When your pet has bad breath, it is always a good idea to check the teeth and gums. Often, bad breath is a digestive issue and adding pumpkin to their diet daily may help. In addition, you may find that charcoal dog bones may be beneficial.

Posted: March 2019

Pet Urinary Issues

Dogs with urinary issues have found relief from asparagus therapy.

Doses are 2 to 3 spears for dogs under 20 pounds and 3 to 4 spears for larger dogs, four times a day for 30 days, or until symptoms are gone.

For prevention of further problems, feed proper amounts for two weeks out fo the month.

Steam & chop asparagus and mix with food.

I always encourage a visit to your vet to make sure your pet is properly treated.

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